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Forever Black Bed Liner Restorer

1991 Chevy/GMC Restoration Parts Forever Black Bed Liner Restorer - 23-009X

  • 1980-2000 as required
Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel restores a like-new black finish to your truck bed liner. Forever Black is a professional quality, semi-permanent color restorer that puts the black luster back into faded spray in or drop in liners. You will see the difference instantly! This is not a paint. Forever Black is a pigmented gel that soaks into the liners pores to re-color it. Your bed liner will look the same only cleaner, blacker & newer. This silicone free gel restores your liners rich luster. The non-slippery surface can last at least 6 months under normal conditions.
PART #: 23-009X
Price $12.76
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