Weatherstrip Guide and Resources

Over the years we have compiled some information that we feel is helpful when purchasing parts.  In particular, helping you determine the model and body style of your vehicle which may not always be obvious especially to the novice.  Especially with weatherstrip, it is crucial to not only know the year, make and model, but also the body style.  Is your car a 2 door sedan, 2 door hardtop or 2 door fastback?  Is your 4 door a sedan or a hardtop?  The first step in buying any parts is to figure out exactly what you have.  Additionally we have some vin decoding pages to help you learn more about your vehicle. 

If you have any recommendations for additions or revisions please let us know.

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Download Basic Weatherstrip Parts
Download Basic Suspension Parts
Download Basic Vent Window Parts
Download Buick Models By Year 1950-1997
Download Buick VIN Decoder 1965-1987
Download Cadillac Models By Year 1950-1973
Download Cadillac Models By Year 1974-1990
Download Cadillac VIN Decoder 1959-1964
Download Chevy VIN Decoder 1955-2002
Download Chrysler Body Type Cross Reference 1957-1989
Download Chrysler VIN Decoder 1966-1974
Download Dodge VIN Decoder 1966-2002
Download Ford Full Size Models And Body Codes 1960-1972
Download Ford Mid-Size Models And Body Codes 1960-1972
Download Ford Models And Body Codes 1952-1959
Download Ford VIN Decoder 1960-2003
Download GM Models By Body Code 1946-1985
Download Hardtop Or Sedan - How To Tell The Differnce
Download Oldsmobile VIN Decoder 1965-1972
Download Plymouth VIN Decoder 1966-2001
Download Pontiac VIN Decoder 1965-2002