Free Parts

We are now offering custom die cutting services.
If you have an original part you need reproduced let us know! Our team can reverse engineer your original part. Depending upon the vehicle and complexity of the part we can generally reproduce parts at no cost.
Types of parts that we can reproduce:
  • Splash aprons & dust shields
  • Radiator seals & fillers
  • Lighting / lens gaskets
  • Door handle pads
  • Hood Insulation
  • Much more
Types of parts that we cannot reproduce:
  • Molded components
  • Extruded components

Please keep in mind our service is limited to steel rule die cutting - this is a process for reproducing 2 dimensional flat parts. Picture a cookie cutter creating a cookie from the sheet of dough.

Our process is not limited to rubber but can be used to cut other materials like foam, leather, plastic, etc.

Please contact us with any questions or to get your project going.

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