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More About General Use Parts

Our general use or universal parts can be a life saver when no direct fit part is available.  We all know that not every part is available for every classic or vintage car - this is where our universal line comes into play.  Like all of our products, our general use parts are of the same high quality you have come to expect from Rubber the Right Way.  In addition to our direct fit vintage & classic car rubber parts, we offer many general use parts to get you out of a pinch on your project.  Our universal clips, body plugs and grommets have a ton of applications for classic or vintage car, marine, RV and more.  From attaching body panels or filling sheet metal holes to protecting wiring and other delicate components.  Our flat rubber sheets come in a variety of sizes and materials so you can make your own gaskets when non are available.  Glass setting tape or "sash channel fillers" are used to set glass into metal framing and are made of high quality EPDM rubber for maximum longevity.  Extruded rubber seals have many uses and are typically found on doors, trunks, cowls, roof rails and more on may classic cars.  Need a fixed glass solution?  Look into our windshield, rear window and fixed glass seals - we offer both self locking and locking strip types.  Push-on bulb seals come in either top or side bulb and can save the day by providing a simply yet effective sealing solution.  Got moving or sliding glass?  Look into our window run channels and window channeling is what the glass rides in or rolls up into while the window or glass sweepers brush or squeegee the glass as it moves.  Both are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  Our rubber washers can be used with screws or bolts to help waterproof.  Our specialty materials are unique and can add that period correct tough to your hot rod, classic or antique vehicle.  Cars, trucks, vans, boats, trains, recreational vehicles - even airplanes and helicopters...we have done it all with our universal parts line.  Click around to get some ideas for your next project!