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Beltline weatherstrip, sometimes called window sweeps, window felts, window fuzzies or window anti-rattlers are the horizontal weatherstrips at the base of moving glass that "brushes" or "squeegees" the glass as it moves up and down.  These weatherstrips help to keep water, dirt and debris from getting down into the door or body cavity.  They also give the vehicles glass opening a finished look.  In addition to our direct fit replacement classic car & truck window beltline kits, we offer many window sweeps in an uncut format allowing them to be used for custom car or truck applications or for classic or vintage cars & trucks where no direct fit replacement is available.  Our classic car beltline materials are available in many sizes, styles, and also in flexible & rigid varieties.  These materials are not limited to the automotive industry - boats, RV's, tractors & industrial equipment can also have moving glass requiring window sweep replacement.  Over the years we have even done helicopters, airplanes and a few trains.  Samples are available so you can be sure the material will work for your specific project.  As an industry leader for over 20 years you can count on Rubber The Right Way to provide you with the highest quality car parts at a fair price.