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More About Rubber Cork Glass Setting Tape

Glass setting tape is used to set glass fixed into decorative metal trim or other fixed metal channels.  This material is also called sash channel filler.  This setting tape acts as a buffer to protect the glass anytime it is fixed into a metal channel, trim or border.  While it is called "setting tape" there is no adhesive...when set properly a "friction fit" is created.  Our automotive glass setting tape is of the highest quality, USA made and will provide maximum longevity.  While our product was developed for the automotive industry it's applications extend to marine, RV and more.

Setting tape is available in different thicknesses which vary from vehicle to vehicle and also for different applications.  To determine which thickness is correct for your application you can compare to your original or simply measure the width of your channel (inside dimension) and subtract the thickness of the glass.  Take this value and divide it by 2 (setting tape will go on both sides of glass).  

According to installers and glass professionals, the best way to install is to wrap the setting tape on the base of the glass and carefully tap the glass into the channel using a rubber or wood mallet.  Once installed trim the excess with a razor knife.  It is a good idea to use some lubrication - Windex, soapy water or our assembly lube (part#23-012X) all work well.

The rubber setting tape is generally the preferred variety but the rubber-cork is more period correct for older vehicles pre 1960.