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Window Sash Channel Filler / Glass Setting Tape - Black Rubber 1/16" Thick

/ foot

General Use:  1930+ As Required
Pricing: $3.85


Glass setting tape - 1/16" thick.  Although there is no adhesive, a common industry term for this product is "glass setting tape"...others call it "sash channel filler."  Used on nearly all vehicles for decades to set glass into channeling or decorative trim.  It acts as a buffer or cushion between the glass and metal. 

Available in several different thicknesses - you will need to compare to your original or use the glass and channel dimensions to determine which thickness you need.

Black rubber glass setting tape is available in 1/32" thick (#10-043X), 3/64" thick (#10-052X), 1/16" thick (#10-044X) & 3/32" thick (#10-415X). 

  • For all applications fitting glass to sash channel or decorative trim
  • Measures 1/16" thick x 1-1/2" wide
  • Trim excess with blade after installing
  • This is the highest quality linen back rubber composition
  • Sold by the foot
  • High quality American Made reproduction
  • Samples available

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